Time Surfing, the video training

Time Surfing
This video training is intended to serve as both an inspiration and a guide in choosing calm as the starting point for all your daily activities, whether at work, at home or while travelling. It describes a method that consists of seven instructions, each of which will be set out in the video’s that follow.
Above all, this method is enjoyable and user-friendly. It doesn’t require any special discipline, and you don’t need to constantly monitor yourself while practising it. On the contrary, because its instructions are based on natural human behaviour, the more you use the method, the more natural it feels and the easier it becomes.

The video training Time surfing consists of 12 video lessons. Step by step Time Surfing will be explained and practised and at the end of the training, you have become a real Time Surfer yourself.

Effects of the training Time Surfing

  • Peace during the day
  • Focus
  • Overview
  • Joy and satisfaction in your work
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Healthy lifestyle at work
  • Better work-life balance

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